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Oklahoma Prison Marriages - Oklahoma Prison Weddings
Oklahoma Prison Weddings

I have had the unique opportunity to preside over several Oklahoma prison weddings and found it to be a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

Prison weddings must be arranged with your facility following specific guidelines, contact your facility Chaplain for more info on the guidelines and requirements. I can not make the arrangements for you but once your wedding has been approved, I am happy to officiate your wedding ceremony, if my calendar allows.

Advance notice is required to ensure that your wedding date is available. I understand that I will be required to work with your facility and submit to a background check in advance of your ceremony date.

My fee for officiant services at a prison wedding is $450. A 50%  non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your wedding date/time.

For more information about Oklahoma Offender Marriages, please visit, and search the term "inmate marriages" for a .pdf of guidelines on this topic.

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Note: Services provided on this page may be called many things such as, prison wedding(s), jail or jailhouse wedding(s), offender wedding(s) and/or inmate wedding(s). I prefer to call them... weddings. I will treat your ceremony with the same reverance and respect I give all of my wedding ceremonies.